Intensive Care

Call me sentimental for proposing life drawing sessions to a school built on the idea of an 'Electronic Bauhaus'. Maybe it's because attention and care remain to be pretty analog beasts and I would like to practice caring and paying attention togetherwith you this semester, in this post-digital existence.
We'll use the format of collective life drawing sessions (Aktzeichnen) as a setup to look at, study, imitate, remember, exercise and talk about the same thing - for the course of one evening, no preparation needed, come as you are. This "same thing" can be a body (naked, clothed, still, moving), but also objects, images or sounds.
Silence surely helps to focus, yet we remain living bodies and, as you know, Intensive Care is a bloody business. So I'll add laser shows, space cakes and surprise acts to the infinite list of what may qualify as a "same thing".
Each session will be organized and run by someone else, the sessions are open to all students, teachers and employees. You are welcome to plan a session: rstephany@hfg-karlsruhe.de.
This term's KD presentation series will take place as part of "Intensive Care", with Uta Eisenreich, Ingo Niermann and others.


an der HfG Karlsruhe